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Your Pathway to College Athletic Scholarships
Dreaming of a college athletic scholarship? We understand the journey can seem daunting, especially with countless services out there promising success for a hefty price. But what if I told you that there's a better way – a way that doesn't drain your bank account, a way that prioritizes your potential above profits? Enter Pro 7 Sports Recruiting, your ultimate ticket to exposure and real conversations with college coaches.
To ensure that your talents, your dedication, and your relentless pursuit of excellence receive the attention they so rightly deserve.

In this cutthroat world, being extraordinary isn't enough; being noticed is what sets you apart. Enter our arena, where we champion your cause, where we shine the spotlight on your unique abilities. We are your advocates, your partners in propelling you towards the limelight that might otherwise remain elusive.

Picture a world where your passion meets recognition, where your journey isn't just a footnote but a headline. We are the bridge between your aspirations and the realization of your goals, ensuring that you're not just a face in the crowd, but a standout contender.
Our Mission
The truth is, the path to a scholarship is not always clear-cut. It's not just about the countless hours of practice, the sweat-soaked jerseys, and the unyielding determination. It's also about being seen, being noticed, and standing out amidst the crowd. This is where we step in.

We understand the struggles you face – the sleepless nights, the sacrifices made, and the sheer dedication that fuels your passion. And we recognize that these efforts deserve to be rewarded, that your talents deserve to shine brightly.

Comparing apples to apples, we are confident that Pro 7 Sports Recruiting will stand out in terms of value, quality and results. No other option comes close to what Pro 7 Sports Recruiting can do in comprehensive exposure, college coach accessibility, past success and reputation.
Unlock Your Future with Pro 7 Sports Recruiting
It's not just about numbers; it's about strategy. We strategically help position you in the spotlight, showcasing your talents to college recruiters who are genuinely interested in what you bring to the table. It's about fostering genuine connections that lead to tangible opportunities – the kind that change lives.

But don't just take our word for it. Our track record speaks for itself – countless success stories of athletes, just like you, who have secured scholarships and carved a path to success with our guidance. Pro 7 Sports Recruiting isn't a service; it's a family that believes in your potential and is committed to nurturing it through our program.

Say goodbye to empty promises and exorbitant fees! Say hello to a future where your talents shine, where your dreams are within reach, and where your success is our priority. The choice is clear: choose Pro 7 Sports Recruiting and invest in a partnership that empowers you. Let's make dreams a reality – sign up today and take the first step towards a brighter future!

At Pro 7 Sports Recruiting, our focus is on our athletes, ensuring we equip you with all the essentials for college enrollment and beyond, at a fraction of the average $2,000 cost of most services with unrealistic promises. Our services deliver superior results without any additional upsells or hidden fees.
Why Pro 7 Sports Recruiting
"There was absolutely no promise of a scholarship until we connected with Pro 7 Sports." 

"Everything changed for the better in Jason’s recruiting when we signed him up with pro 7 sports recruiting." 

Sarah D.
"We signed our daughter up her freshman year and the exposure she has gotten the last 2 years is mind blowing." 

"Experience total exposure to numerous coaches, maximizing your scholarship opportunities for playing at the next level. There's no better option for connecting with hundreds of coaches and securing your future in sports."
There is a college coach 
looking for YOU!
Pro 7 Sports Recruiting Program
  • Professional Guidance: We offer continuous support and guidance throughout your high school and college athletic careers, helping you grow as a recruit, leverage NIL opportunities, and navigate transfer portal needs.
  • Maximize Exposure: Joining our recruiting family enhances your exposure to coaches and colleges nationwide. We utilize social media, email, phone conversations, exposure camps, and athlete ranking to increase your chances of getting recruited by the right college.
  • Academic Advisement: Our program provides guidance on academic requirements that boost your recruitment opportunities. We cover eligibility, registrations, academic testing, FSFA, SAT/ACT testing, and eligibility center registrations to enhance your chances of recruitment.
  • College Access: Our AI-powered platform generates a tailored list of universities and colleges based on your academic and athletic performance. You can create a University List, which offers comprehensive information to help you make informed decisions about your future.
  • Camp Recommendation: We guide you towards additional exposure elements like camps, tournaments, showcases, and more, while providing a complete bio for college coaches' evaluation.
  • Signing Announcement: Upon joining, we craft a well-structured announcement for our social media accounts, showcasing your athletic and academic qualifications. This serves as an official invitation to join our Pro 7 Sports Recruiting Program.
  • Recruiting Profile: Your personalized profile showcases your athletic prowess and academic achievements in one central database. Accessible to college coaches and admissions officers nationwide, it unlocks scholarship opportunities.
  • Profile Promo: Your Pro 7 Profile is distributed to over 50 selected schools when you sign up, expediting your journey towards achieving your collegiate dreams.
  • Unlimited Video Assistance: Collaboratively, we create a dynamic video profile showcasing your skills and achievements, aligning with college coaches' expectations.
  • College Coach Request: We connect you directly with college coaches seeking athletes like you, enhancing your potential to find the right college fit.
  • Scholarship Search: Discover non-athletic scholarships through our program, offering financial aid beyond athletics for your academic pursuits.
  • SAT Prep Course: Our SAT Prep, developed by College Board experts, adapts to your athlete's schedule, helping you excel in academics alongside sports.
  • Sports-Specific Online Training: Access insights from premier coaches across various sports, enhancing your skills, tactics, and overall performance.
  • NIL Program: Explore endless financial opportunities through Name, Image, and Likeness partnerships, maximizing your earning potential beyond sports.
  • NIL Signing and Transfer Portal: Whether signing your NIL or considering the transfer portal, we provide support and renew services for up to 1 year, ensuring a seamless transition.

At Pro 7 Sports, we're committed to your holistic growth, from recruitment and academics to NIL opportunities and beyond.

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Less than 10% of thousands of athletes across the nation will participate in college sports. That leaves thousands of athletes who are very good college prospects left out of scholarship opportunities. Why? They and their parents don’t understand how college recruiting works, so college coaches never learn about them and the value they could bring to their programs. Will you be recruited or will you be left out too?
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